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Multiple Offer Stress

Today our newest listing, 3304 Planet Dr priced at $158,000, went live on MLS and by mid afternoon 10 showings were already scheduled with emails and voicemails about status. We're expecting multiple offers and while this presents a strong position for my seller, I wanted to take a second to speak to the stress our buyers will feel when writing these offers. I've been there!

Making an offer competitive is already challenging when you don't know what others are putting up, but the process can become extra-stressful when the listing agent doesn't communicate. I understand the logic behind taking a silent approach... upping the anxiety creates fear in the potential buyers that can push their offer price higher, and many listing agents handle multiple offers this way. I do not. I've always felt like one of our jobs as Realtors is to help take the stress OUT of the process.

In my experience, I've never felt like I left seller equity on the table simply by being open and communicative with buyer agents during the offer process, but it feels good to know that my listing transactions were just a little less stressful for the people on the other side of the table.


Hugh GristComment